12 May 2008

The Irony of LIFE...

Just after coming home from work, we head back to Llangefni to bring Dad home. Jamie thinks he's stable now on one week's stay with us. Plus as I have mentioned in my latest post, I have to buy a new pair of black pants and white tops for my work. Lots of sales in every shop we've been. And I have this massive shopping bags with me when we came back to Dad's flat. When we arrive there, his neighbour is there having a chat to dad but a bit drunk. He's sentimental-like and I though he will burst into tears. He's really depressed I would say because he have this sentiments about life. Talking about the death of his family in a car accident and his childhood nightmare. I've seen this man once and in my first impression, i didn't like him. He has this huge body and was like a bad man in his early years but now that I've seen him depressed, my impression to him changes. Its really easy to judge person at first glance but we really have to know the person first before judging. That's the irony I learned today. I know most of us been and there in the same situation. Now I can say that this person has some kindness and softness in his heart. I now understand how he hides his weakness about life. He's been in a tough situation.

We stayed for a while while he is saying,

"I shouldn't be here.. You're family is here.. You're lucky you have your family to take care of you.. ".

Dad just replied its alright. Nothing to worry about. As Jamie also told him that we're about to go in a couple of minutes. I know I'm being outnumbered again but seems to me that his life in interesting. He then started telling Jamie,

"You know, when you're drunk you tend to be sentimental. "

His girlfriend wasn't there to comfort him and he sounds helpless. He continue talking about his family who died in a car accident then blaming God for what happened. I told myself he needs a proper guidance. He lacks on spiritual help. I can't say that have not made any sin or mistake but I am making sure God is with me all the time. It made me think about how this country help his citizen to be financially well when spiritually, the people are lack in God's guidance.I met lots of Jamie's family friends and I then understand now why people are depressed. This depression roots on the bad things that happened to them and then blaming God on it. I don't think its fair. They won't understand this life's obstacles if they don't accept God in their heart. I just hope God will continue to guide them. They aren't bad people neither but I pray to God to continuously guide and bless them.

We head back home after a couple of minutes. I told Dad to take care of his friend. And he will surely do that.

I go upstairs and get this "Religious Lucky Dip" . I always pick one rolled paper in it and it so happen that most of the Bible Verses helps me motivate myself and strengthen my faith to God. I don't know but somehow its related to my everyday life. I asked Jamie to get his pick and this verse appeared to that little paper.

"Fear not for I have redeemed you..."

Coincidence! Dad's friend was on his very depressed day. Jamie's been into hard times like that before. Asking God so many question. Blaming God for all those hard times he have been. I remember on one of the conversation between myself and my husband. Jamie mentioned that God asked him through the bible if he should approach him with an IRON ROD or WITH LOVE. Jamie replied "WITH LOVE". A very short time later I came into Jamie's life and we fell in love. Jamie believes God brought me to him...........

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  1. Excellent post, and I believe you are right. The last 2 generations here in the UK have distanced themselves from God. The majority in the UK are now athiest. My Dad's friend has had a hard life, I myself though I had suffered more than others but he made me realize that despite myself having had a really difficult life, there are always others who have suffered more.



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