11 May 2008

Aiza Seguerra Made my Day!

Today was one of my very unlucky day. I came home from work earlier feeling tired and exhausted due to too much cleaning. Aside from planning to make some posts, I'm planning to iron the pants I used to wear at work. But I'm doomed to burnt it without even realizing that, that's my only black pants I brought from the Philippines. And its not only that, It's one of my favourite. I asked my aunt to make one for me before I left Philippines last year and now its gone! What will I wear tomorrow????? I have no choice but to wear other pants tomorrow and tell Kath that I'll buy replacement black pants on Wednesday. Anyway, I don't want be be frazzled all night thinking and worrying about it.
To divert my attention from that, I watched "That's My Doc" starred by Aga Mulach and Lara Quigaman. Tonight's Episode really made my day. It wasn't the first time I saw Aiza Seguerra wearing dress but just the thought of it makes me laugh. Aiza wearing Tube gown with semi-skinned haircut and tatoos all over her arms and back? My gosh, she looks gay. But In fairness to her, she's gorgeous when she wore that wig and heart-style long gown for the "Maria Elenä"shoot. She has a nice make up too and makes me imagine what if she's not what she is right now? I adore her talents. In fact, she's one of my favourite child actress when she's still young. I even love watching her as the Little susie, and the girl who's turning into a duck( I forgot the movie title) Petrang Kabayo and etc. Fantasy-like movies which is really funny. Those classic movies makes her famous those days. Since then, I never heard of her till she launched her single "Pagdating ng Panahon". After the success of in her singing career, she became vocal about her true personality. I still like her but somehow I can't help but think what if she's still the same Aiza Seguerra? Come to think of it? She have all the talents that no one has. Whatever she was right now, I'm still proud of her. She's one of a kind!

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  1. I understand your exhaustion, it happens all the time when you come home from work. But, that's life. Welcome to the world of reality..
    By the way, I had hard time reading your post, the font is too little..Hehehe, my old eyes can't handle little letters anymore. Have a good day!



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