10 May 2008

Tiring yet rewarding day!

What a tiring day! I almost cleaned all the rooms at the hotel today. Taking some orders, serving breakfast, cleaning all the toilets, sweeping and mopping the floor are some of my responsibilities. Whew! I nearly passed out. (Kidding!) I enjoy cleaning though. That must be the reason why it takes me a couple of minutes to clean and strip the room. I did not even recognize that I need to be quick. ( Silly me!) He He He. I’m really slow at cleaning even in my own room. Maybe its because I assume that everything needs to be done perfectly. I learned that when I was working in my brother's office. Thats why I assume that it will be like that here either. I do things the best I can so there will be no reason for them to tell you that your work is not good and so on. Well there’s nothing wrong with that but I should be quick especially when there are lots of guess to be served. Kath (the manager) remind me about that earlier. She said she will show how to do it tomorrow. I felt sorry for being so slow though. I hope she won’t fire me. Hehehe. Anyway, I guess I have to make a strategy to make it quicker without even skipping other things to be cleaned. Sooner or later I know I’ll get used to it.

I ended up receiving my 3 days salary. Whoa! What a reward! It’s a good feeling when you got something out of your own sweat isn’t it? I head back home with a big smile in my face. Even the work is a bit hard, and my arms and legs are crumpled at night, I don’t mind. Upon receiving my salary, it automatically swept all the pain and weariness I felt for the past 3 days. Wow! I’ll be busy thinking of something to buy for myself tonight (lol!) That’s the point really. You work and save for something you want. I remember earlier, Bradley (Kath’s Grand Child) was there at the hotel to help stripping and tidying other rooms. He’s about 14 years old and was working part-time during weekends. I asked him why does he wants to work and earn.He replied, “simply just to save for Xbox 360”.He’s clever and a good example to other teenagers. Most teenagers will tell you something like they save for their future dates or so or might just be asking their parents for certain amounts just to buy these luxuries. His parents must be showing him that money should be earned from working and not just picking it in the ground. He should strive hard to study and earn big amount of money. I wish hime goodluck in the future.


  1. I hope my cousin will do the same. He's 15 and a store nearby called him to work for him, but the boy declined the job. He loves to stay in front of his PS and computer instead. What irking, is he and his brother are bugging me for their Guitar Hero 3. They're impossible! whew!

  2. Hehe most of the teens dito ganyan. Di na nga magkandaugaga kung alin sa mga gadget nila ang lalaruin. Itong bata na to, kahit gadget ang bibilin at least pinaghihirapan. o di ba? ganun sana ..



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