21 May 2008


Its been a month since I last ask my cousin Liza to teach me how to make this so-called LECHE PLAN Recipe. She's quite good at it and it made me curious on doing this delicious recipe since its my day off.

Usually when I am trying to cook recipes, I used google to collect at least 3 style on how to make it and then combined those three as part of the experimentation. So far, I have never been failed when I started this idea.

The picture shown in this post is the finish product of my Leche Plan Recipe. Thanks to Ate Liza for reminding me on how to perfectly make it. You can check her blog on her version of leche plan or my recipe blog if you feel like trying my version. CLICK HERE for the recipe procedure. Ciao!

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  1. nakakalaway naman ang picture ng leche flan mo!! sarap yata..buti naman nakagawa ka na, yehey!! i try ko ang bbq mo, mukhang masarap..



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