21 May 2008

One BARBECUE afternoon!

Earlier, I had a barbeque lunch with my hubby and Dad. The three of us sat there for about one hour cooking the barbeque in a live charcoal grill. Jamie got this disposable barbeque grill for 2.99 Pounds in the nearest shop. I had so much fun with it as I turn the barbeque sticks till its cooked. Jamie and Dad was watching me cooking this mouthwatering dish that I marinated last night with my very own version of recipe. I should say this is one of my best recipe ever! I'll be looking forward to do this again with some neighbors as I'm pretty sure they've smelled how nice these barbeque's are. Whew! It was really yummy!

This recipe was just a test as I don't really know how to do it. In the Philippines, when there are birthdays or party's, I'll just go in the nearest minimart and bought a ready made barbeque and put it in the skewer. But here, I have to make all the marination myself if I wanted to have one. I have never failed making lots of dishes. Maybe because I have the passion in cooking and its therapeutic sometimes making such kind of dishes. But of course, I won't be knowledgeable enough to do all of these if not for Marriage Life. I'm oblige! Lol! So whether I like it or not, I must cook the food or else I'd be on diet eating cereals and sandwich everyday.

So guys, If you have the passion for cooking or simply want to try different style of making your barbeque, you are free to get this recipe HERE. Just follow the instructions and BINGO! You have these yummy barbeque on your plate. Take your live charcoal grill out in the sun and enjoy the pleasure of grilling your very own barbeque dish. Don't forget to add some vegetables like what you saw on the picture and it will be more healthy than eating a plain BBQ on stick! Get your favorite vegetables to match with this meal! Ciao!

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