16 May 2008

Horrific Day!

I missed blogging yesterday due to unexpected working schedule at the hotel. I should have three days off since Wednesday up to Friday but the manager needs a reliever for Thursday. So she called me up if I can work on Thursday and of course I won’t say no to that. We are a bit skint these two weeks and additional hours will mean more salary. By doing that we can have spare money for buying things we need like food, milk, and etc.

After work, we go to Holyhead for my Bank schedule. Yes! Finally, I can open my account now for saving purposes. I think it’s time to save for future expenses like vacation in the Philippines or Christmas Gift for December 2008. Whew! I need to work hard to fulfil these future plans or else we’ll both rush where to find money to buy presents for Christmas.

As soon as we finished our business in the bank and Jobcentre plus, we go to TESCO to buy some groceries for the week. Of Course I have listed the things we need for the coming week, but hey! We over spend! I knew it would happen! That’s the reason why I brought my money with me just in case. Our food budget for this week should have been £ 30.00 but the total of all the things we bought was about £ 73.00. Its heck a lot than expected! We have seen lots of sale items as well as food offer where we can buy meat products for a very low price. There’s no way you can’t grab that cheap offer. But never mind! We have got our food for three weeks. It’s a lot cheaper than going back to TESCO and get all the stuff we’ll be needing. That’s petrol money plus spending time out when I can use that time for cleaning the house or BLOGGING.

While travelling back home we’re on a very slow speed because of the three cars ahead of us which we figured out in the end that there’s a big truck ahead of those three cars. I must be a Field Truck used in tilling the soil or so. Just 20 minutes before our destination, the third car turns right. Then the second car go for overtake which made her bump the first car. We’re on a shock maintaining our speed for about 30Kph. But the second car continues to drive till they reach the gasoline station. I can still remember how the side mirror of the 1st car broke. I am horrified with what I saw. When we passed through the gasoline station, they are arguing about what happened. Maybe asking who should be blame. I don’t want to be judgemental coz I really know very little when it comes to the roads and driving but I can say that the second car should be blamed. In the first place, the third car shouldn’t overtake while the first car is doing the same thing. I might missed something but as far as I can see the third car is one of the reckless driver I’ve ever saw. I then ask Jamie if he was on shock. He just told me, “I would be if someone died”. I’m a bit worried on Jamie afterwards. He was on a driving lesson at the moment because of me. I was asking him to take some lesson so he can drive Dad’s car and ask him instead to drive rather than asking his friends to do that for him. Plus I know that it will give him personal satisfaction and achievement for this skill he’s about to gain. To make sure, I won’t ask him to drive on the main road till he’s not yet professional in driving. The lesson in this tragic moment was to learn SAFE DRIVING. They must have this proper driving ethics specially when you're on the national road.

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