20 Aug 2008

Cucumber Recipe?

Hey guys! I tried making a Chinese Recipe today and i think you might like to try it. Just the other day, my Filipina neighbor just gave me a cup of stir-fry which she said a chinese recipe. It is made out of pork and cucumber. Hmm? Sound interesting isn't it? Actually its easy to cook and believe me it was really yummy. I didn'd know that you can substitute Cucumber with our very own "Upo". Is that right? Well it taste the same. So rather than making salad with cucumber, you can experiment it with other recipe. I assume it can also be a substitute to "Sayote". Well, i'd better experiment it on Sayote meals before posting it here. Anyway, if you want to try this meal click it in this LINK. Enjoy!


  1. mukhang masarap siya..ang sarap iluto at tsibugin, hehehe...kakasuya rin ang parating caldereta at apritada, at menudo..hehehe..

  2. Try mo talaga .. masarap sia promise!



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