11 Aug 2008

Cheap Burger Recipe

Everything in the market rises today. Gasoline, food, meat, vegetables, etc. I can't even shop for nice clothes and shoes. I really need to set aside my luxuries and pay attention for necessity. Budget, budget, budget!

This week is a very tough week for me and my husband. We have a very minimal to budget for the week. And speaking of budget, I'll share you a very cheap recipe that will help you get through the day. This recipe was taught by my "nanay" way back in the province.

Here you go! All you need is a can of sardines, garlic, onion, egg, ground pepper, oil and spring onion to garnish. It was so easy! Just separate the sauce from sardines and mix all the ingredients all together. Then bingo! Its ready to cook. This meal can feed 4-5 person. Do you want to know the step by step procedure? Believe me it was really yummy! Ready? Click it HERE!

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