4 Aug 2008

Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 7th Gala Night!

Finally I've watched the complete episode of the Gala and probation night held last Saturday on Pinoy Dream Academy. For me the scholars that stand out among the face off's are:


Actually, the competition this gala night was really a close fight. Like for example, Bunny vs. Cris. I think Bunny stand out than Cris. How she delivers the song was far better than Cris. On Miguel vs. Ynaki, I chose Miguel. Because I can see his progress among his past performance. He really did a good job. Van vs. Sen, my winner is Van. I like his rendition of the song plus the stage performance. Bugoy vs. Apple, I'm on Bugoy's side. Although Apple really sings really good but the quality of Bugoy's voice was really amazing compared to Apple. I think juror's noticed that Apple's voice is somewhat normal. I mean, typical as they say. There are lots of singers out there who have the same quality of voice like her. But in fairness to her, I like how she perform her song choice. And Laarni and Liezel, these two are really rival to be the grand champion. Laarni has the voice. She is really gifted and maybe future diva. She's very competitive when it comes to Liezel. Mentors mentioned especially Ryan Cayabyab that Liezel has a very clean and nice voice too. I agree with that. But should be Laarni this time. The only thing that maybe pulled her score down was the last part of her song. Anyway, these Jurors know what they are doing. And in fairness to the Mentors they also know who needs more improvement or not. We just have to accept the outcome of this latest Gala Night and to the scholars, somehow they will learn something out of this competition. The so-called Sportmanship! Goodluck to them!

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