29 Aug 2008

Christening to Christmas!

Yes! She is indeed a cute little princess. My hubby said she's his favorite niece as of the moment. No wonder why. She's easy to babysit. Very placid and was just happy seeing the birds or walking with her mommy and grannies. How I wish I have a cute princess too like her.

Anyway, this picture was taken last August 24. It was her christening day. Everyone was waiting for this event not only because of her special day but because its time to get in touch with old friends and family. My in-laws are one of the few people who also enjoyed this day. They have to admit that Lucy brings the family relations intact. I mean hey, Jamie's brother made it after 2 or 3 years of not visiting his parents. I'm talking about Sean. And I finally met him the day before the Christening. I also enjoyed it because I have 4 days off to work. Duh!? I desperately need day off due to too much work the past few weeks. Just thinking about cleaning the rooms make me want to just lye in bed and sleep without waking up. hahaha! Well, since the Christening is finished, we have to move on on the next season to come. What am I talking about here? Christening >>> then Christmas! Whew... I have to save every single penny for the Christmas gifts. The Moroney family is getting bigger and bigger. Plus I'm exempted on last years Christmas because I arrived here on 23rd of December. All I did last time is to receive tons of gifts! hahaha... I think I should sneack back to Philippines nearer the time to save some money ( just kidding ).. Honestly, its a good feeling knowing that few months from now its Christmas time. I can even hear some Christmas songs in my TFC and the thought of it makes me very excited!


  1. Wahhhh, Christmas na ba? I just spent too much money for back to school..Gosh!! Hehehehe..well, Xmas is the season that we really cannot avoid..MOmey or no money, it will come and it will hunt us down...
    Lucy is a gorgeous little girl..parang manika sa ka cute-an...
    Take care...

  2. Christmas na nga.. I can even hear christmas songs sa TFC.. And at this very moment eh nagkalat na ang mga christmas decorations sa Pinas! Bigla ko tuloy na-miss dun.. Hehe September pa lang kasi sa Pinas meron na akong Christmas tree. At nag-iipon na ng pangregalo at pang aginaldo sa mga pinsan at kamag-anak! Whew!



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