6 Aug 2008

Best Soundcard for Notebook

Few weeks ago I was mesmerize with this product I'm longing to have for my ACER Laptop. When I was in the Philippines, my brother has this Desktop PC with Creative Soundcard he used for hi 7.1 Creative Speaker. The reason why I'm blogging about this is when you are into gadgets, you tend to buy lots of accesories that you can install into your gadgets. Not only few people are mad on buying these new technology in the market today. Well I might say I'm one of them. Anyway, going back to the topic. Since my brother have this 7.1 Creative speaker with Soundblaster, he was able to connect it to his desktop PC and line it in to videoke/karaoke. As one of the frustrated singer in the family, we are recording songs in the comfort of our home. Watching movies using surround sound or what do they call it? Dolby Surround sound? I'm not sure, but thanks for Creative Products!

Now that I'm here in UK, I miss recording songs. I can do record songs using my laptop but I'm not contented. So out of my earnings, I asked my husband to buy me a soundcard that would fit or can be installed to my laptop. Of course, I asked my brother about it. And he suggested me to buy this Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Audio Notebook. Out of excitement I just bought it straight from EBAY. I really want to have it and record music which I can send to my parents in the Philippines or post it in my friendster. The product arrives the next day after I bought it. But heres the problem! The soundcard don'd fit with my multimedia card slot. I was so upset! I been working on browsing internet for the possible solution but failed! Well if anyone out there looking for soundcard for their laptop better make sure on the compatibility. As for me, Im using ACER Aspire 5570 Series. And this product that I bought only works if you have 54mm expresscard slot. If you are planning to buy, and not sure on the size of your expresscard slot then I suggest you to but the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi 5.1 . Make sure you check all the system requirements and compatibility so you won't regret buying it. But since this branded soundcard is a bit expensive, you might want to try this other option that is best for those people who wants to save yet looking for a quality product. SWEEX 5.1/7.1 USB External Soundcard.

As for the item that I bought, Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Audio Notebook I've found a solution for this one but still waiting for the actual product. I bought an Expresscard to USB Dongle Adapter that I hope would work on my Creative Sound Blaster. Finger's crossed! I'll keep you posted on the result once I recieved the parcel!


  1. Hi, noticed your callsign at mom of four's blog.
    Wow, you sure into hi-tech stuff.
    I had my jurassic computer for 14 years with Windows ME. Yes...you readit right, ME, ha ha.

    Then it died on me three moths ago, and as my friends have been teasing me re my jurassic pc, I went and bought a new Apple Imac 24, fresh from the oven too asit just came on the market day before...
    and today still learning to fool around with it. Its really a fantastic computer too.

    I too collect songs previous computer, so far have not tried on this Apple yet.

    Love your this new sound stuff. Bet you can sing Dahil Sayoh, huh? Ha ha.
    Have a great weekend, best regards, Lee.

  2. Hi u.lee. Thanks for the compliment about this post. Honestly I not really goof in delivering sentences but thought ill have a go on it..

    You have Apple computer? That was one of the top brand and expensive computer in the market today.. I just hope your Jurassic PC wont be too envious with your new PC now..

    Sing? Yeah I can sing.. I might post one here once Ive tested this soundcard that I have with me.. Will you be listening to it though? hehehe

    Thanks again and see you around . Eds



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