17 Jul 2008

Bangor and Liverpool Escapade

I am busy with work the past days and been very lazy posting. First, We attended the graduation of my sister-in-law in Bangor University. We came home late with Eleanor and her son Joe after the Dinner at "The Antelope working early so I can have a shower befo". It was a long day for me as I have to finishre traveling to Bangor. Good thing that Eleanor offered a ride so we didn't really have a hard time waiting for the bus.

Next day I came to work again. I finished early and decided to go for a nap that afternoon. I know that my Pinay friend Delma and her son Christian will be leaving the next day ans was inviting me to go with them. But as usual I can't go because I have schedule for the next 5 days. One more thing was I'm broke. Meaning I dont have spare money to go with them. So while I'm sleeping Delma and Christian knocks on our door. I promised her the other day that I'll teach her how to use the Digital Camera. When I woke up I asked Jamie to go with me and visit the couple for the tutorial. Before we left the house, the phone rings and its the Manager of the hotel cancelling my work schedule for Wednesday. Thats great! I am longing for a day off. We then go to Delma's and after we finished teaching her, Jamie suggested I should go with them since its my day off. He said God might have planned this so I can have a day trip with the church people. Oh well, since my husband told me to go then I dont have excuse to turn down the offer. In other words, I'm with my friend the next day.

Here we are in Liverpool! We a There's a massive traffic in therrive there before 12 noon. border. We have passed the long tunnel near the Liverpool Citycenter and it was great. There's no tall buildings up there but I can say the the area was really urbanized. Lots of big shops and massive museum. The buildings are amazing! Liverpool was really a City of Culture. Most of the buildings a preserved long time ago. What really bothers the people are they are planning to built new buildings and knock down old buildings. Those are historical buildings that should always be remembered.

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