17 Jul 2008

I got approved at PPP!

This is shocking! I finally got approved in this Pay Per Post that I've been applying for months. Check them out payperpost. This is definitely one good opportunity to all those bloggers who want to earn some extra money by simply making posts. Well, what will I do with the money I will earn from PPP? Let me think about it. I know its too early to decide what will I do with the money but I guess I'll just put it in my savings account and just leave it there to earn some interest. Or might as well wait ready for Christmas. I can also do it with saving for a decent Holiday somewhere in Germany, Italy or France. Was it too impossible? Anyway, it's obvious how I am overwhelmed about this good news. I know that lots of bloggers around the world are dying to do paid postings. I joined this not only for the money but for the knowledge I can gain from it. I'm sure my blogger friends would like to do this too. Its highly recommended to those bloggers who want to explore the beauty and adventure in Blogosphere. What are you waiting for? Join now and earn something for yourself. Cheers!

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