24 Jul 2008

Who will stay? Who will be expelled? Christian or Inaki?

The stay of one of these scholars will soon to end. Tomorrow will be abig night for both Christian and Inaki inside the Pinoy Dream Academy. Who will stay and who will be expelled as they perform their final song tomorrow. It will also be a tough fight between the two talented scholars as they will be performing duet with the song composed by the APO Hiking Society Member, who is the last years Head Master Jim Paredes entitled "PANALANGIN". As usual they will be graded individually wven if they will be performing it in duet. Below are some notes to our latest Probitionary Scholars to help you decide who will you want to stay. Would it be Christian? or Inaki? Find out thru watching the Sixth Gala Night tomorrow only at ABS-CBN Channel.

Notes on Christian (Small Boy Wonder):

Once in a taxi, he was almost molested because the offender thought he was a girl. At the bank, t hey usually mistake him for a child.Way back in school, he was always the odd guy.

‘Forever be a boy’ could be Christian’s tag line for life.A 25-year-old man inside a teenage boy’s body, he has received more insults in his life than anyone deserves.For those who have taken time to learn about his condition, it’s easy to understand that it’s the result of growth hormone deficiency, a syndrome that has afflicted him since birth.

Despite – and perhaps because of – his condition and everything he has gone through, Christian remains strong, his conviction held fast, and his view of the world and of himself still cheerful. “I know I’m beautiful inside and out, and I know bad words can’t let me down.”It helps that he has a dream, and holds on to it, and he knows that the Academy will get him there, one way or another.

Notes on Iñaki (The Stage Performer):

Nephew of Juan Miguel Salvador, of the famous and well-respected Salvador clan, Iñaki took to the theater at age six like it was his playground.The stage was where he spent most of his summer days, performing with professional theater actors we could only admire from the audience booth.Iñaki prefers to make it on his own through his innate talent rather than flaunt the famous name that he carries.That he has won lead roles by auditioning alongside other actors is an achievement that speaks of his talent.

Will the stage performer, accomplished as he is in the theater scene, find himself the lead role in a reality TV talent search?Will he be able to convey this talent to a wider and more diverse pop audience?

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