6 Jul 2008

Birthday Surprises!

Oh well, after a few days of rest into blogging I'm back again! What's with July 04 by the way? Aside from America's Independence Day, this date is also my BIRTHDAY. I have a lot of things to thank for. First, I thank God for giving me another year of life. My 2008 birthday had been a very fruitful and important year to me. Although I'm celebrating my birthday apart from my family and friends back home (Philippines), I must say its one of the best birthdays I had. Its full of surprises. I'm counting all my blessings and share it with my family as far as I can. My life change since meeting Jamie. He get me here in UK and now been working as part time. I have the best In-laws ever and they like me being here. They are very supportive to us. Thats the reason why I'm saying this year's birthday is fruitfull and important.

Gong back to the surprises and gifts I'm telling about. Aside from having fun playing Wii which is one of the best gifts I have received from Jamie. He bought me Dvd movies, and perfume. Crafts from my mother-in-law, Jewelry, Wii Game, movies,cards and not to mention the cash I have received from inlaws and family friends. Truly one of a kind. My friends from the Philippines did try contacting me last July 4 but I'm on trip with Jamie on Ireland. Yes on Ireland! I don't have any idea that Jamie was planning to bring me there for a whole day trip. ( but he slips when we are talking before the day, lol). Nevermind! The important thing is he did try to surprise me. I really am appreciating all of these may it be small or big gifts. I mean, simple Happy Birthday will do. Its amazing that all the people around me really cares a lot. They are really thoughtful when it comes to celebrations like these which I haven't experienced in younger years. I told myself that when Jamie and I will have kids in the future,I'll retain these custom of upbringing kids. I want my kids to experience things like these while they are growing up.

This last picture is taken at Dublin, Ireland. I took this while we are having Lunch at McDonalds at the City Centre Dublin. The journey was quite fast. We leave here at Cemaes Bay at 7:10 am and arrived at Holyhead at about 8:00am. From there we took the 8:45am trip to Dun Laoghaire via Ferry. We arrived there before 11:00am in the morning but was stopped at the immigration because the officers told me I need a Visa to enter Ireland. Jamie and I were shocked about it as we are not told at the Hoyhead Ferry about the Visa thing. Still getting lucky on my birthday, the officer told Jamie they will allow me to enter Ireland just for a day. They did told me they should have stamped my passport as refused but the officer told me they won't do it. Whew! That makes me nervous. Whenever I see immigration I have trauma. Lol! Anyways, It was a nice day out. Even we got lost at Bray, Ireland. One thing that's annoying were the Filipino's over there. I just can't get why some Filipinos abroad are some kind of proud and boastful. I don't want to be hypocrite but thats the truth. I saw some filipinos there and try smling at them but they just ignored me. Some do smiled back but most of them are really rude. I am expecting that my fellow kababayan will be as nice as me but they never did. I had a chat with one of the Filipina there while waiting for the bus to Dublin and told me about it. She said there are really lots of filipino and filipina's like that over there. Really annoying! I won't let them spoil my birthday though so I just ignored them. If I smile and they smile back thats good. If the talk and chat to me thats better. But if they will be rude, nevermind. I will never be like them. They have this so-called crab mentality. We returned home at about 5:45pm and arrived here at Cemaes by 8:30pm. Thanks to Dad's friend Frank for picking us up at the Stena Ferry Station. I wonder what was Jamie's surprise next time? Can I request? lol!

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