16 Apr 2008

Blog Virus

Are you familiar with the so-called " Blog Virus"? Well, guys I am suffering from that. Spending most of the time in front of the computer and doing blog. Hard to sleep at night thinking of what will you feature the next day ( duhh??!). And composing articles in your mind that will make your visitors keep coming back. Another thing were you always make sure that your camera is not battery low to take some eye captivating pictures that you can post on your blog. However your fingers never stops browsing the net to research on different things that you think will be unique or will more enhance your article. Visiting other blogs and call it Blog Hopping..whew! Sometimes its tiring! But to a person like me, its helpful. Its more tiring when you just sit on your bed watching TV ( or TFC should I Say) and the next thing you knew you were bored and depressed. Better blog than experience these horrible things ayt? Anyways, the bottomline here is that blogging really helps in different ways. It helps you express your thoughts, share your experiences, give knowledge to others and etc.. So guys, keep on blog!blog!blog!blog! blog! ( sounds addicted?? hehehe)

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