3 Apr 2008


I woke up early feeling depressed.. I opened my laptop and logged in to my chikka account and this is the message I have received. "Nilalagnat si Lucky, tinatawag ang pangalan mo. Ate ng Ate..." That message came from my "Nanay". Well that figures the reason why i felt really heavy earlier. Maybe I just miss my naughty brother. I remember when I was about to leave, he was crying and asking me to bring him with me. And I told him to study hard so if in case I am lucky enough to save for their flight then it will not be hard for him to communicate with the kids here like I am experiencing as of the moment.. Haha.. As they've said " kokonti lang ang baon kong Ingles!"


  1. :) maybe he is just experiencing what we called "lagnat LUCKY"... :)

  2. Hehehe.. palagay ko nga ...



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