10 Apr 2008

My Favorite UK Program

I am a big fan of Reality Program eversince. When I was in the Philippines, I used to watch every single episodes of Pinoy Big Brother which gives way to the popularity ot Sam Milby. The newest hearthrob on Philipine television today. I also watched Pinoy Dream Academy that is more on music. More on discovering new talents who are fond in composing and singing. Now that I;m here in UK, I am really excited in each episode of this program called "Young Mum's Mansion". It was really unusual but it interests me to keep on watching.
The program is about the social experiment in which ten single mums and their twelve children move into a mansion for four weeks to see if living together can improve their lives. Each programme sees a different mum take charge of running the house, with their own agenda and a different challenge. Ive only been watching it for 3 days so i am in hurry to know who will stand out among these single mums.I'll keep you updated on what will be happening next.

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