12 Apr 2008

Beach Holiday in Bolinao..

It was summer once again in the Philippines and that means it was time for summer outing! I can still remember our last years get-away in Bolinao Pangasinan, month of April. We did not meant to go there but since I was the organizer of our barkada, I planned the whole summer trip. Out of nowhere, I came up with the idea "Why don't we try going to beach?" So, I searched the web for the place where we can go and where we can stay. The place that will be trully unforgettable! Upon searching, I stumbled with this place I've seen somewhere in Pangasinan. And it was the Treasure of Bolinao! Treasure of Bolinao was not my first choice. It was Puerto Del Sol. But when I called this resort, they were fully booked because there was a company outing that had been booked earlier. I think it was Citybank that time. So I had to search the net again to check for a second destination and Treasure of Bolinao is the place to be! I called my friends and they all agreed with my idea and set the date.
Place and date was already set! I had to distribute the other tasks to my friends to make it a successful one. I asked my friend Jasmin to ask her dad for the shortest way we could get there in time for the scheduled day of trip. Lou would be driving, Jasmin ( Map and Mangoes), Kristine (Chichiria and Refreshments), Ria ( Butong-Pakwan, Kornik etc.), Carmie ( Photographer) And me for organizing the whole trip and some chichiria. We left Cabanatuan at 4:30am if im not mistaken but we had to pick up Ria in Guimba and Jasmin in Sto. Domingo. The funny thing was, since its too early some are late.. hehehe Lou was a bit late. But that doesn't matter. The important thing is....We were all ready for the travel. Bolinao here we come!

Half-way to our destination, we stopped by at the famous Hundred Islands.( they said its 99 Islands remains coz 1 island shrunk already) and took some group photographs that I could put in my Album or should I say Friendster? ( O, diba?) I was just sad about the reality that some of our friends weren't here to jam with us. Click! Click! Click!

Second Destination, The Lighthouse in Bolinao. I can't remember how many times we stopped by to ask for the exact location of Bolinao because it was really a long rough road. Yes! Thats true.. But don't mind about the road and the 5-6 hours journey coz its worth it. What you can see in this picture is just the top view of the Bolinao Beach. In this picture you can see the blue background where you can't imagine it will be. If you are going to look at it in real, its like a big canvass. The color of the sky and ocean combined together with the virgin forest makes us feel so relaxed. (Iisipin ko na 1 hour lang kami nagbiyahe) Its really good for Kodak Moments like you can see in the picture ei?! If you're asking wheredid we get those petals and what they are, those are the white and pink Bougainvilla ( Did I spell it correctly) we picked around the Lighthouse near where we were standing. And to make the picture great why not jump before Carmie ( our Photographer) clicks the camera?

Time to check in... What else can we explore with this place?? of course the resort itself. It was cool.If you are a nature lover then its the best place to go with. You can get loads of pictures. Barkada moments that no one can replace. They have lots of room packages to chose with wether its airconditioned or 2-storey Nipa. Good for drinking sessions at night! Are you convinced yet?

They say if you want to explore Bolinao, avoid being so "maarte". Because one main problem here is the water. So be warned! Iyou are planning to go here for a weekend then better bring your own water. Its much better to be safe. Well, after our lunch we had to get ready exploring the area. One of the most eye-catching scene here is the White TOB Bridge. It was really good. You can go round there during sunset and just sit and relax. Or if you are adventurous and brave enough, you can do go under the bridge and play with the white sand or visit the coral reefs and small caves just under.

These are some Rock Formations that you will surely love. Water is clear and this summer time, refresh yourself! Get your best two-piece suit or any clothes you're comfortable with and swim. Its a natural sauna and I bet you won't regret it.

Just a few meters away was the Patar White Beach. Its as gorgeous as Boracay. So to those Summer Trippers that are looking for something new, I highly recommend this Beach. It is safe and clean.

Sunset... that was really pretty.. In this picture we are more like singing "Lupang Hinirang" hehehe.. Seriously, it was the best sunset ever after a long journey and tiring day of exploring the place..
After hours of swimming, exploring and taking photos we had a night swimming with their private pool. It will be best described as Swimming Jacuzzi as the water is really warm and relaxing.. Its like you're in a Giant Bath Tub. Whew!
Next day will be along journey again. In as much as we wanted to stay, we only had a minimum budget to spend. If you will be staying for a couple of days, there are lots of caves around the area.
Now that I'm here in UK, I kept on reminiscing about those moments we had there. I can say that this was the most memorable trip I had with my friends. We promised ourselves that we will be going back in this place again in the near future..Its worth the long journey talaga! So guys, what are you waiting for?


  1. good job with all the descriptions, feel ko, nanduon na rin ako..

  2. wow n miss ko ung tym n nandun tyo. MISS ko n ung brkd ntin. Ganda ng kwento mo saktong sakto.

  3. ..i keep the memory of US together..



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