2 May 2008

National Insurance Number Application

Last week, I posted here the success on my RESIDENCE PERMIT Application. Today was my appointment on JOBCENTER PLUS at Caernarfon to get a NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER. We have to be there one hour before the scheduled time or we will not be entertained. Sounds really strict isn't it? But then I think that's how they are here. No wonder they are one of the successful country.

Dad's friend will be picking us up at 10:00 am but he didn't turned up that time as he encountered minor accident. I begin to worry. Not in the person but to the appointment. ( silly me!). But then I realized that we should understand him as he was a bit depressed lately coz one of his neighbour died just recently. In other words, I asked Jamie to prepare something for him instead when he arrives to calm him down a bit.

Anyway, the appointment was 1:47 pm and still plenty of time left for travelling. I printed the map to the location of the office using Google Map last night ready for the travel. And It helps us reaching the JobCenre Office.

Upon arriving, the receptionist said that the interviewer is still engage to another applicant. We still have 20 minutes to wait for my turn and I'm starting to get nervous. All the documents are ready, but am I ready? Calming myself down, I took some pictures of the office.

Here comes the Customer's Representative. " Who's Mrs. Moroney?" I raised my hand and she asked me to follow her in the Interview Room. Hmmm... She introduced herself as Kathy. She asked me lots of questions. Mostly about the requirements I brought with me. I'm comfortable answering her questions. I'm not that nervous during the interview as she was really approachable and helpful. She talks really clear and slow while taking down some details. She once repeat all the details she got from me and then asked me to sign some forms. Whew! I'll be hearing the result in two to three weeks but she said I can work now. Just as long as the employer will allow me to and just told them that my National Insurance ID is on process. Mission Accomplished on my second application! I'm just hoping I'll get approved as soon as possible.

I said thank you once again to Ms. Kathy and then walk back to the waiting area. Jamie was all smiling while Daz is yawning. Haha! I know I've been long in the interview room. But my ever supportive husband told me that he's proud of me coz I handled myself confidently. That's a good improvement though because I usually just sit in one corner asking Jamie to do things for me instead. Well not anymore! I must bid goodbye to shyness now. The good news is, I'll be able to start working on Monday. I'm excited! Goodluck to me!

By the way, to all those who wants to apply for National Insurance Number, CLICK HERE for full details.


  1. Congratulations! Being shy is normal, but you will gain your confidence soon enough. You will be able to handle everything on your own, but don't forget, you still have to depend on Jamie on some things, so that he would still feel that you need him..Got it??? just a piece of advice.

  2. Got it ate liza.. Feel happy that we both have a loving husband ayt? hehe



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