1 May 2008

Yahoo Messenger Beta 9.0

Just last Saturday I've restored my laptop into factory setting because lots of virus attacked my hard drive. I can't see any icon of the hard drive partition neither detect any removable drive in it. My internet explorer also keeps on restarting so i've decided to completely restore it. After finishing the process, I installed all the messenger and softwares that i'll be needing and I came across with this new Yahoo Messenger Beta 9.0. It is with a new happy design that I think most of us will like to have. You can cut and paste You Tube link which can directly play in your Yahoo Messenger Box. Cool isn't it? Ive tried it and its working great! There are lots of differences compared to Yahoo Messenger 8.1. I think you must try it while waiting for the up coming release of Yahoo Messenger Vista. But of course since Í have the Vista OS the Voice Conference still won't work in it. Its better having this Beta 9.0 coz at the moment I'm not contented using the trial version of Yahoo Messenger Vista. For Yahoo Messenger Beta 9.0, just click HERE. For Sneak preview of Yahoo Vista, click HERE.

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