22 Jun 2008

Baking Trip

Yes! I finally know now how to bake. I'm giving credits to my mother-in-law for patiently teaching me how to bake the "BASIC CAKE" It was really fun. I thought it was hard to make it but just for few minutes of teaching I had these wonderful mini cakes in our oven. Whew!

Now you know why I've been away too long here in Blogging World. Lol! I might bake every week now to try different kinds of cake and experiment on other flavors. How about carrot cake? Banana Cake? Chocolate Cake or Vanilla Cake? Aarrrgghhh! I'm confused now with a bit of excitement I want to try it this week so I won't forget what mam has taught me.

This is the closer picture of my Mini Cake. Yummy! Next time I'll try it with cheeze. I'm sure my hubby will like it as he's so addicted to cheeze!

To all of you guys who wants to know the basic cakes and pastry, I'll post it in my Yummy Recipe! Keep updated!

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