23 Jun 2008

Its Rianne's Birthday

Here's a sneak peak of my niece birthday invitation. She's turning one year old this coming Saturday.Whew! Its been 7 months since I left Philippines and yes! Time is really fast! She's now walking and talking. She can pronouce "Daddy"and some of the names of her Tita's. Isn't it cute to have this lovely angel?

Well, I wish her good health always and more birthdays to come. I'm hoping when I get back she can pronouce "Tita Eds". Its shame that I'm not there in her 1st birthday though. Missing her crying and laughing in my apartment. Now she even have her hair extension? And take note of the boots! I'm the one who bought that before I left. Just wondered how bigh is she now? She's really small and cute 7 months ago. Aw! I hope I had a baby like her too. Bless her!

Again, happy birthday Nico!

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