14 Dec 2008

Sony Bravia 52" - A dream come true


Brand new living room makes a difference especially for me that usually stays long inside our room. But now that I've redesigned the living room and bought some FEW things, here's what it looks like.

My hubby said getting a 52" Sony Bravia is one of his wildest dream. But seems like dreaming for quite sometimes became our hobby. Lol! Well, the genie seems to answer our wishes lately so here it it. A brand new Sony Bravia 52" LCD TV. At first I'm really hesitant to buy this because its too big for the living room plus if we buy this we will be oblige to buy a new stand for it. Thanks to Great Universal anyway for offering a 36 - 52 weeks payment scheme without interest.


Since buying this TV, I became unfocused on everything. I am usually glued on watching movie on our mini movie house. Especially if I'm watching my favourite actors or box office movies on it. I just can't hide the fact that I'm enjoying staying in the Living Room now rather than our room. Though its a bit nippy downstairs, I can just put my arms around my hubby and enjoy watching movie with him. I just don't like one thing, that is he always smoke on the main living room than the front living room often now because he can't afford to miss every scene of the movies he's glued on to.

This could be the best gift Jamie received this Christmas. Not only him anyway, for me as well. Though we put a lot of effort on making this DREAM come true, its worth it. Now we are waiting for his family to arrive this Christmas and maybe try this huge TV for Wii Games, Wii Fit, Videoke or PS3? We'll see anyway! Have a great Christmas Everyone!

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