12 Feb 2009

Novelty Gift :Talking Toilet Roll Holder

Have you seen or used a Talking Toilet Roll Holder? Well I have a story about this one. I was like browsing and surfing the net looking for a gift that I could give my hubby this valentines and guess what I've found? A talking toilet roll holder. A day before, I've seen a coughing and screaming Lung ashtray which i though a good idea of convincing Jamie to stop smoking. But I've been so curious looking for other Items and found this talking toilet roll holder a good laugh.

This novelty gift is battery operated. You can record your own message as well and plays automatically whenever you pull the paper. Check samples below:



1.We're trying to conserve paper, please use both sides! ( I found it really hilarious talaga... I can't use both sides no.. Yuck!)


3. Please Remain Seated during the performance! ( Whoah? Ano kasi ang mangyayari pag nag standing ovation ka naman while performing? ... Hmp!)


3. Would you like a receipt for your deposit? ( Ehehe .. if not too much to ask why not! kaloka!)


4. This is a bathroom not a library! ( Oo nga naman! Karamihan kasi ng gumagamit ng toilet nagbabasa ng diyaryo)


5. You know Charlie a little fiber wouldn't kill you. ( Hehe this is good for those who dont eat fruits and vegetables.. kala nio ha? )

These are only some samples anyway but you can record a more sensible reminders like Don't forget to wash your hand or flush. The price of this item is around 9-10 Pounds on ebay.

I'm planning to buy one in the future as sometimes at night I always forgot flushing the toilet. Thought that if I will try it, going to the bathroom will never be the same again. Get one and have a Bathroom Voicemail at the same time!


  1. Hehehe! Ang bongga nyan Eds ah..ang ilalagay kong message sa toilet holder namin sa banyo sa baba ay " please replace toilet paper when gone" Kuya Rodney mo kasi tamad maglagay ng toilet paper sa holder. Cute yan ha..Ay yung ashtray mo maganda ring idea yun..Hehehe..San ka ba nakakakuha ng mga ganyang idea..share mo nga sa akin

  2. hehe o di ba.. binilhan ko si jamie ng coughing and screaming ashtray hehe.. tsaka ko itago ang lhat ng ashtray para un lang ang gamitin nia .. tingnan ko lang pag di pa nman tumigil kakayosi ang lolo mo.



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