16 Mar 2009

Beef Stew for my hungry Habibi!

I decided to cook some Beef Stew for Habibi today as requested. After I’ve finished talking to the SeaSide View Owner earlier I blog hop for a while and answered some comments on my Post entry yesterday and earlier. It was about Recording Trip I’ve made during Homesick moments. I decided to upload and share it here in blogosphere.


While I’m blog Hopping, Habibi was watching an all time classic film of Al Pacino entitled SCARFACE. I told him to watch it as it has a good storyline. ( You might find it interesting as well if you want to watch it ) .I then leave him to watch the whole film and then he texted me afterwards asking if I can cook a Beef Stew for him tonight. Yes we are also using our mobile even if I’m just upstairs and he’s just few steps away from me. You might be shock if I told you that he is also calling my mobile just to say “ MAHAL KITA.. BABY!”.. And I replied back , “ Yeah Sure no problem … For you, I’ll cook whatever you tummy desires..”


He then go straight to the shop to buy some ingredients for the meal including fresh beef chunks from the butchers. And when he got home, I started making the dish.


104_2085I love this dish not only because its one of the yummy dish but it is easy to make. All you have to do is to dice everything and throw it in your pressure cooker. Puts some ingredients and bring it to boil till its tender and you will have a nice Beef Stew. ( This is also recommended during cold season).


Check the picture for the finish product of my recipe.


Believe me it is really easy. You can make it even when your eyes is shut. Lol.


Try visiting this site for the complete direction on how to make this yummy meal.




  1. sis talagang kina career mo na talaga ang cooking...hehhee..grabi ang cater mo kay habibi mo ha...very impressive..he's very lucky to have you girl....meron pa bang natira jan? hehehhe....:)

  2. si habibi talaga ano, ang lambing! andyan lang kayo sa tabi e tatawag pa para lang masabi sayo na mahal kita...

    masarap ka kase magmahal at magluto na rin kaya ganyan sya ka sweet sayo...

  3. oo nga kuya payatot.. hindi mo naitatanong ang mga british talaga eh ganyan kalalambing.. ewan ko sa iba ha kasi un family niya lahat ganun din sa kanya hehe..

  4. Dhemz meron pa nman natira .. kaso sinabakan niya rin after 3 hours hehe.. adik na adik sa beef stew ko lol..

  5. Parang masarap ah. Too bad walang mahilig sa beef stew dito sa amin. Si Rodney, beef lang ang kakainin saka potatoes, but he's not fond of it. Masasayang lang, hehehe. Hilig mo rin magluto ha, at kadalasan turn out to be great. Cool, ayan, tataba na mga habibi natin, wahahahaha!

  6. Naku i-try mo rin at baka nman masarapan hehe.. kung kumakain nman sia ng nilaga eh makakain niya yan.

    naku si jamie timawa sa beef stew un hehehe kahit kainin nia 3 times a day ayos basta beef stew..

  7. Mukhang masarap ito ha! nakakapaglaway! Sige nga subukan ko magluto nito ng nakapikit! hehehe!Sweet nyo namn ni habibi mo!

  8. oi ha wag mo nmanlutuin ng nakapikit at baka mabanglian ka nman ... hehehe at baka lokohin ka ng mga siter mo ng Anney Bangle niyan sige ka ..



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