6 Oct 2009


Death Note Gif Pictures, Images and PhotosToday, I am officially launching MyDigihome domain which I bought few weeks ago. Im planning to use it as my official site for meme and ramblings. So hopefully you can also add me your site. Please do.. I will not totally abandon this account. I will still visit this but expect only tagalog posts on this blogspot account.


Come and visit my new home.. my new life away from home.. my digihome..


To all friends that will add me, drop me a message and I will gladly add you there. See ya!


  1. Congrats to your new site,Eds!!I'll drop by there!!^_^

    Have a nice day!!

  2. Ang sosyal!! may sarili ng domain!!Kailan kaya ako makakabili ng sarili ko ring domain? hmmmmm. Inadd ko na rin sa blog list ko yun.



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