18 Apr 2008

BUNCH of Love

Bunch of Love? Hmm.. Wonder why I put that unique title in this post? Well, I want to feature here a very lucky pet of Ms. Brenda named "BUNCH". She's actually the sister of my best friend Lou. Anyway, heres the short biography of BUNCH.

Bunch is a male midget dog. He has been with Raganit family since 2001. He was four months old when Ate Brenda bought him. Bunch is his real name but most of the time they call him "Banseng" ( thats probably the tagalog name of Bunch). He has big round eyes and flat nose that they always describes as impakto like. But he's not of course. They just look like that but there are more characteristics and attitudes that you will like about him. Let me highlight other things about Bunch. Well, Bunch favorite foods are egg, leche flan, ice cream and pancit. He also loves eating chicken ( Sosy!). And to balance his diet, Bunch eats lots of veggies and fruits. Potatoes, Apple and Banana is in top of the line.
When it comes to his attitude, he is somewhat sweet and jealous. He don't want his Mommy Brenda to touch other dogs than him ( hmm.. possessive!). I personally noticed how he was when Mommy Brenda is around. Or whenever he sees some new face in their house he won't stop barking till the visitor is gone or hide somewhere.But one most unique characteristic he has was " he is gentleman". How? For instance, Mommy Brenda is planning to go somewhere packing her things, he patiently waits even he's really sleepy or bored. He's willing to wait till her Mommy Brenda finishes packing things.
Bunch is 7 years old now. And as you can see in the picture, he always celebrate his birthday every year ( Daig ako hehe ). Mommy Brenda never forget buying him a gift or cake to lighten up his day. Mommy Brenda is treating him as her little baby and her Best Friend. (Cool!)

That it! He is Bunch....He's one sweet little pet that I'm sure you will want to have..

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  1. ..BUNCH of thanks tita eds..from mommy brenda and tita lu..oha..more power to your blog...



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