19 Apr 2008

Shocking News

Yesterday I was shocked on the news I've watched in TV Patrol via TFC. " Bus crash kills 9 , 20 Injured in Pantabangan". A D-Liner Bus plunged into a ravine in Pantabangan Nueva Ecija. Out of 9 Dead, 2 are identified and the investigation are still ongoing among the other passengers. I asked Jamie to call my mom to check if she's okay as I was talking to her the other night. But theres no way we can contact her as its past midnight in the Philippines. Still hoping that nothing happens to her.
According to the news " the brakes on the bus apparently malfunctioned as it was negotiating a sharp curve on an unpaved highway in Pantabangan town in Nueva Ecija province. The bus crashed into an 82-foot-deep ravine. Five men and four women were killed in the accident. At least 20 other passengers, including a child, were brought to hospitals.

It was not clear how many people had been on the bus because some of the injured were taken to hospitals by passing cars before police arrived. The bus driver was injured and the bus conductor could not be found.
Bus accidents are common in the Philippines because of poor maintenance, lack of road hazard signs and railings, and reckless drivers." - Source
Earlier today, Jamie confirmed that Nanay is safe and sound. I've also chatted to my brother and he said that my mom had the first trip and is fine. Thank God she's safe.
Hearing news like that makes me nervous and uncomfortable. I guess Filipinos Overseas struggles the same as me whenever they heard horrible news near their family members.

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