20 Apr 2008

NBN Quotable Quotes

Earlier today, I read a newspaper that states about the NBN Issues. It seems to me that the issue about it is fading away. Rarely heard it on the news from the past week either. The bottomline here is that the issue remains unresolved.

Going back to what I read, the thing that got my attention was the so-called NBN Quotable Quotes. These are the statements made famous by Lozada ( The NBN Star Witness ).

" Sir bubukol po 'yan. Napakalaki niyan." - Lozada to Abalos when Abalos allegedly told him to protect his $130 million commission from the project.

"You moderate their greed." - Romulo Neri, as recounted by Lozada, when Lozada told Neri that Abalos was asking him to protect $130 Million as commission from the NBN Project.

"She's evil." - Romulo Nero, as recounted by Jun Lozada, in reference to President Gloria Arroyo during a meeting Neri and Lozada had with Senators Ping Lacson and Jamby Madrigal at the Asian Institute of Management sometime in December 2007. Lacson and Madrigal corroborated Lozada's claims. Later, several people, including former Jose de Venecia's Wife, Gina de Venecia recounted how in several occassions Neri called GMA Evil.

"Probinsiyanong Intsik lang po ako." - Lozada while explaining why he initially didn't want to appear before the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee.

"I've seen the ugly side of the state. If they use it against the citizens, we can't do anything." - Lozada regarding his alleged kidnapping.

"Ang salitang Pilipino ay hindi lamang nangangahulugan ng pamilya. Ang salitang Pilipino ay nangangahulugan din ng bayan.. Bayang Pilipino." - Lozada on what he's learned upon coming out with his expose'.

"As to the Senate's summons for ZTE to appear in the hearing, ZTE cannot allow itself to be dragged into any political circus." ZTE Statement on its refusal to appear before the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee.


Probinsiyanong Intsik - Jun Lozada

Bigboy - First Gentlemen Mike Arroyo

Ma'm - President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

ES - Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita

Sec - former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Romulo Neri

Chairman - Former commission on Elections Chariman Benjamin Abalos

J.Lo - Jun Lozada

I find it hilarious. But somehow makes me think what will happen next after this heroic action made by Jun Lozada. I'm still hoping for the best result at the end of the day. Source

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