6 Apr 2008

Cute Cat Picture

Hi guys... ever wondered why i posted a picture of this little cat? hmmm ...Her name is Cleo.Cleo was born in Wales in 1996, she is almost 12 years old (which is a good age for a town cat). Her original owner was Rachel Moroney ( Jamie's Sister) but when Rachel moved on to university, Marie, my mother in law became the owner. Nowadays my husband claims ownership as he and myself live in the family home now where cleo has spent all of her life.

Cleo likes to sleep in our room with us, but occasionally she likes a little privacy. She goes outside about 3 to 5 times a day but wants to come back in to sleep very quickly each time. When sleeping in the bedroom, cleo sometimes gets an appetite for a late night snack or early breakfast. She lets us know this by biting our fingers to wake us up.

So Don't forget guys, her name is Cleo, the cat who spend most of the day sleeping.. hehe

1 comment:

  1. I love this cat sincerely. I know Ednaleen sometimes gets jealous but it's only an animal-human bond. This is not a love triangle :p



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