7 Apr 2008

My Lucky Day...

Its been a month since I last played the scratch card. This picture was taken earlier. Jamie bought two (2) scratch card and ask me to choose one. Obviously, I picked my favorite scratch card. I asked Jamie why he bought scratch card today and he said he just dreamt about winning 108 Pounds last night. I then started scratching it and found a diamond on the fisrt game, then zero winning on the second then a gold bar on the third. Only got 6 Pounds winning though but its fun and worth a try. At least 106 Pounds na lang ang kelangan namin mapanalunan para magkatotoo yung dream ni Jamie.. Hehehe.. Anyways, Last Saturday was Grand National Day. According to Jamie, he always put a bet on the horse since he was young. So I chose 2 horse and put just a pound each horse. Jamie texted my parents and Lucky and ask them to choose their horse too. We didn heard Nanay's horse. Tatay's horse fell near the end of the Race. Lucky's horse came third. Jamie and Dads horse lost and my horse? ... My lucky horse came first haha... Im not encouraging you guys to do this but sometimes its fun. Wag lang sosobra hehe..

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