27 Apr 2008

Free Pinoy Channel

Hi guys.. I'm back again to blogging. Yesterday I was chatting to my friend's cousin who also lived here in UK too. She's one of my batchmate wayback home when we are trying to get the chances in going to Japan. Who will ever tell that our future will be settled here in United Kingdom? Unbelievable, Ayt?! I'm glad to know that I can have one of my acquaintance in my college days. Thanks to Ate Jane!

We've chatted hours while Jamie and Dad are having an afternoon nap. I asked her what's keeping her busy and what was her hobbies there. Of course she had a son to take care and some part time work but what I mean is does she have TFC ( The Filipino Channel) to watch to? She said she dont have any cable subscription or whatever. She's just visiting this site called PINOY CHANNEL ( if you're interested click this site) and she can freely watch all the Philippine shows whether its on GMA7 or ABS-CBN. Good isn't it? and its completely FREE! All you need is just internet and you can browse and watch all the programs you want to watch (including every episodes of the program). Its more like Youtube and Veoh but the difference is that this site uploads more Pinoy Program.Try it and you will see what I mean. I just tried watching some of the programs and its working properly to mine. Highly recommended for all my homesick kababayan! Thanks for taking care of the Filipinos abroad and also to those uploaders who patiently uploads programs that entertains us across the sea. Cheers!

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  1. first of all, congratulations on your green card/permanent residence. good for you!
    i am sorry to hear that you fell down the stairs and glad at the same time because you're fine after that. well, there's this belief (if you do believe) that in every happy moment, there will be a sad one after that. but, hey..maybe it wast just a co incident. anyways, don't feel embarrass, you didn't want to fly down the stairs..maybe you didn't wear your cape..hehehehe!
    goodluck and happy job hunting...



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