26 Apr 2008

Edna is Falling down...

Yeah right.. this is not one of my lucky day ... I have just receive a very good news we are all waiting for nearly one month. My RESIDENT PERMIT. That means, I can stay for 2 years more.And I'm free to work without the need for Working Permit. We were all excited that makes me feel like I am walking in cloud nine but just after chatting tonight at 7Pm I fell on the stairs!.. You heard me right! The cloud nine I'm imagining turned out to be the deadly stairs of the day. Its about 8 steps stairs and I was so embarrased. The incident spoiled my excitement! Dad is running fast trying to save me and asking if I am ok while bouncing. Tsk! Tsk..And Jamie is shockingly shouting, "Carefull!" while watching me bouncing down ( haha)..Poor me! Funny yet painful really.. I really can't feel any after reaching the bottom part of the stair. Im telling them I'm fine ..I felt like its like a dream or should I say I'm in shock and my mind is flying. When I told Jamie about that he told me the same .. it was like a dream like its not happening in real. Imagine? Watching me bouncing down ( Not so gentleman! hehe kidding!) He was shock though! And that will explain why he didn't run and save me (He is Kapitan Boom a.k.a Hari ng Sablay huhuhu) Well I go straight to the kitchen after that accident and while I am cooking the dinner I felt like something was broken in my back.. and my Bum-bum was really painful. I won't be shock if there are big bruises tomorrow but at least nothing worst happen than that.Not all people can do a quick fall like that( I'm Super Girl a.k.a. Reyna ng Sablay). Jamie keeps on telling me that it was really a nasty fall.. haha .. Gosh this is my first ever fall in my whole life.. I mean at this age hehe.. ( I might had the same fall when I was young but not in this age yay!) Cheering me up a bit, Dad said " its not only you who fell from that stairs. I fell there many times!" Now it figures how this stairs became deadly.. Anyway, bad things really happen sometimes.. and there are some memories to look and to laugh back on. Nasty memories Geezz! .. (Ouch!) I guess its really time to move house.. I want a longer and spirral stairs so when I slip again theres more thrill reaching the bottom ... Wohoo..

1 comment:

  1. hehehe.. dapat after your "acrobatic move"..sinabi mo sa kanila..

    "Eh, gamot sa BUKOL.. meron ka.. ?? ".. nyahahhahahaha....

    patawa lang para malimutan mo ng konti ung iyong embarassing moment.. talagang ganyan minsan dapat nagpapakita ka ng mga acrobatic moves.. hehehe


    Lestat - B-day KO!!..



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