21 Apr 2008

Concert Day ...

Its about 6:00 Pm today when I started singing. Just thought of singing when I woke up earlier, so I finish all my household choirs first, made some Tea and quickly installed the magic sing in our 5.1 Surround Speaker. I feel like I am having a concert and realized that I'm having fun.
I enjoyed it, although it was not as fun as when I'm doing it in the Philippines. Here I'm singing alone while in the Philippines we do it with a bottle of tequila and with lots of Pulutan infront of us. Sometimes you can't even hold the mic coz someone has reserve lots of songs before you. One thing that you will really miss in the Philippines is that Pinoy loves singing no matter how you sing it or how you pronounce the words. What really matters is that you are enjoying it with your friends or family. Really miss those times.
When I sang " Manila", Jamie is in a deep thought and told me that he misses the Philippines. Like he can't wait to go back there. He remembered when tatay dedicated a song to him. You see what I mean. Philippines is really different in any ways that foreign people loving so much. The experience is alive and totally new to them yet fun and exciting. I told him we will be going home in the right time and if we have savings. Coz I feel like going home too ... I hope to happen that soon ...
Anyway, I guess thats all for now before I burst into tears ( kidding!) Its nearly 12:00 Midnight now. And I think I really need to park my fingers and have a good night sleep. That was an awesome concert by the way. Sad to say I only have one fan watching... and thats my Husby... :) I'll be expecting some banners next time .. L.O.L.

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