2 Jun 2008

First and Last

agged by Shiela. Thanks dear!

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*First real job: Accounting Clerk
* First screen name: Pleakyedz
* First funeral: Can't remember ( Scared to attend funerals hehe )
* First pet: A cat
* First piercing: Ear piercing
* First tattoo: I dont have one. My dad don't want us to have those kind of stuff. He said it looks a bit wild and addict having that. ( parang galing daw sa kulungan)
* First credit card: Visa : Mastercard
* First kiss: Jamie (My first and last BF and my husband now)
* First enemy: My elem. classmate ( Di ko na kailangan pangalanan)

* Last car ride: Saturday ( When Jamie bought a Wii for me) - early b-day gift daw lol
* Last kiss: Jamie

I am tagging Ate Liza, Inaj, Rose, texaslife and Vanny.

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