3 Jun 2008

My Wii Game Console

When I was young, the only console I've ever played was this Family computer. The old fashioned computer console in during 90's. Then came this gameboy and other portable games like brickgame and sort of things that will make you so addicted to it.

Today, the latest game consoles are in the market. High-tech and even multi-use. The recent games consoles are the xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. Among these three, Wii is the most famous. I've only seen this maybe twice and im not so interested to it until I've finally had a chance to play it one friday night with our neighbor Brenda, Andy and their son Tony. It was fun! Unlike most computer games, this game console makes you do the action. And since its wireless, you can even play bowling, tennis, boxing and other olympic games that will make you sweat and will give you muscle pain like I have now. Its like a real game. And yes you're right! This Wii in the picture is mine. Jamie bought me this game console as an advance birthday gift. I was really chuffed although he asked me to pay for some of the accessories, Geezz! I've played and completed Ratatouie in just three days. And my thumb was really numb and swolen. I also got muscle pains, proof that this Console is really making you fit in the comfort of your home. You can enjoy and exercise at the same time. So far, this is the best gift I've ever had this 2008. Lol! Jamie is saving for PS3. Is it obvious that we are so addicted to new technology like this?? Hmmm.. So If you're planning to buy game console then I highly recommend it. Some say this console is a girly thing but I must say that even boys can enjoy this. My favorite game so far was the boxing and car race! Don't forget to buy the accessories as you've seen in the picture as it adds excitement while you're playing.

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  1. Wow! That's yours? Good for you! Anyway, I tagged you. Hope you can do it. Musta?



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