7 Dec 2008

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao Wins by TKO

Yes I did watch the fight. I stayed up till 6am just to watch the match. This is not the first time I am really involved on Manny's Fight. I mean if someone's telling bad things about him like Oscar Dela Hoya said on some interviews, I'm affected like I want to squash their faces.

BoxingThe game starts last night and I was like " Common Manny knock him down!" I kept on praying for him to win.At first I was hesitant Manny can make it but when the match is on and saw him dominates in every round, that's when I calmed down. Lol!

After 8 Round, Dela Hoya's team stop the fight. And I'm so happy with that. Not because Manny left punch marks on Dela Hoya but knowing the fact that Oscar eat his words on being so arrogant on Manny. He underestimated the pride of the Philippines. The jab, speed and footworks and punch combinations is just too much for Dela Hoya that he can't even connect nor throw counter punch. He end up sitting in his corner stool accepting his defeat.

"I felt empty, without power," he said. "I tried to go forward but Pacquiao's leg speed and movement didn't allow me to connect with anything."

Oscar ends the interview by saying,

"My heart still wants to fight that's for sure.But when your physical doesn't respond, what can you do?"

I congratulate Pacman for a job well done. Though I'm not in the Philippines, I'm pretty sure that Philippines have zero crime rate once again. he is a living legend and hero of the nation. That its so amazing how he can unite every filipino citizen around the globe with all of his boxing matches. Mabuhay ka Manny Pacquiao! You're indeed a pride of our country!


  1. Yes the Pacman destroyed an arrogant De La Hoya in an excellent boxing match. Better still, I have money on Pacquiao at 2/1. Great stuff.

  2. Go Manny! I didn't watch the game, but I am so excited Manny won. The Filipinos would see more of him endorsing Selecta Ice Cream, yehey!

    He's a great guy..He deserves to win..



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