9 Feb 2009

Cleo is sick

You might be wondering who is Cleo? Anyway she's our baby in this house. The cute cat, Cleo. I've featured her many times in this blog. Today, I will be featuring her again because she is sick. Cleo is around 14 years old now and she was a granny cat now. She's originally Rachel's Cat. ( Jamie's younger sister ) but since all of jamie's siblings worked from different areas of England now, Jamie chose to retain Cleo under his custody here in Cemaes.


Yesterday, I noticed that the poor cat is walking differently. I mean sh's a bit crippled on her right-front foot. I've checked it and its a bit swollen. I checked it again and compared to her left foot and it seems like its broken or sprained. Hmmm... I called Jamie and told him about Cleo's condition. We' are both worried. Jamie said if she didnt get well in the next few days then, we will be bringing her to the Vet Med. As you can see, pets here are treated like humans.

Few years ago, Rachel told me that Cleo has had her operation taking out her womb or something like that. That's the reason why she grew old without kittens. Now, if she won't be well and her right foot is still in pain, she might undergo another operation.


When I woke up earlier, I've cheked her and she seem to be much better now. She don't go out today like the way shes doin' her routine everyday. She stayed in bed and rest. I hope she'd be fine.

Trivia : They say if you have pet in the house like fish, cat, dog or hamster it ads another 3 years of your life span? The reason is when you get sick, depress or stressed out the pets absorbs what you feel. Dunno if its true but I assume it is. Have a blessed Monday!


  1. Wawa naman si Cleo..buti nga yan at cat na ipinapaopera, yung mga biyenan ko sa new york, bibe pina opera ang wing, gumasta ng $300,sabi ng nanay ko, bakit pina opera pa di na lang nilitson, pra nakain pa naming lahat, hehehehe...

    well, 14 years ng kasma nila Jamie yan eh parang member na nga yan ng family. I am glad ok na siya..But eventually mamamaalam na rin yan sa cruel world..

    Siguro nga it adds up sa life span nating mga human kung may pet..kasi kahit paano may nakakausap ang tao, i don't know dun sa inaabsorb nila kapag may sakit or depressed.

  2. wahhh talga? kasarap kaya ikaldereta nun hehe.. eh dati pinagkatay nga ako ng ttay ng bibe eh dahil yoko makita mamamatay pinikit ko mata ko at tinaga ko dun sa leeg. at susme, ang bibe nakalipad pa ng walang ulo sa palayan. kala ko buhay pa :))

    Talga jan sa US at dito sa UK halos parehas sa pag-aalaga ng hayop ang mga tao. sa atin nman once tumamlay ang alaga at pwede kainin eh hapunan ang bagsak nia pag minalas pulutan.



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