10 Feb 2009

Looking for some Cigarette Substitute..

Alright, I've been married for almost a year and until now I can't find answer on how my husband can quit smoking. He tried loads of smoking alternatives such as patches, chewing gum, nicotine inhaler and the like but its still not working.


Few days ago, I've read about this herbal cigarette from one site as a good substitute for cigarette. They'd be smoking the cigarette exactly the same as the normal one but the difference is, this herbal cigarette is composed of different herbal leaves like ginseng, jasmine, yerba santa and other dried flower and leaves. I did a research before pursuing to my plan of buying the cigarette to test but it puts me off in the end.

BBC News made a research about normal cigarette and herbal or vegetable-based cigarette and they end up not suggesting the herbal cigarette as a substitute for normal ones.. Why? Its because, the herbal cigarette might be nicotine free or has low nicotine substance but it still contain Tar and worst, carbon monoxide which is far harmful to our body. It seems like taking herbal cigarette is more harmful as you will be taking in carbon monoxide that will even harm your lungs.


Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless and tasteless gas. In high concentrations - far higher than in cigarettes - it can be deadly.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, dizziness, irritability and difficulty breathing.

Herbal cigarettes contain all the nasty chemicals in cigarettes, but they do not provide any help in dealing with nicotine addiction

I've read in Yahoo answers today that the only way to quit smoking is your perseverance within to quit. Just like thinking why love smoking when cigarette can't even love you back instead harming you and helping you die little by little. Others suggest that if you want quit smoking but you always have the urge to light that "deadly stick" and holding it just for the sake of habit or something else then the best way to quit is light the cigarette and don't inhale it. Its kinda funny but he is right.

Reasonably speaking, the best thing you can inhale is oxygen.  So do your body a favor: pamper your lungs, they're the only set you've got.  Don't smoke and stay away from forest fires!


The packet says " Smoking Kills" or You'll die young when you smoke but one more reality is that you're not only  harming yourself but you are harming those passive smokers or secondhand smoke (the victims) and carries the penalty or harm effects because of you. So, just think of it and quit smoking if you really care about them (especially the family, brothers or kids).


  1. You are not alone..Asawa ko din, ayaw tumigil kaka smoke. Kung mamaay kaya siya eh pano ko bubuhayin tong sangkatutak naming anak. He tried patches, but he gets nightmares daw, saka ang braso daw niya parang matatanggal sa bigat..GAnon ba talaga? BAkit ba naimbento pa ang yosi?

  2. Ewan ko ba kung bakit naimbento ang yosi. At kung sino man ang nag-invent I assume he died because of smoking hehe. Biruin mo krisis na nga ngaun eh tapos pproblemahin pa ba ng nga ina ang pambili ng yosi.. tsk tsk tsk.. Ill continue researching pa rin. In fact jamie is willing to try the herbal cigarette. Malay natin in a week or 2, mawalan na nga nga gana s pag smoke si hunny bunny hehe.. :)



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