22 Feb 2009

Marriage Proposal


I got tagged by Ate Liza entitled Propose to Marry. Like ate liza I dont remember Jamie asking me " Will You Marry Me?". Anyway, I asked him to make sure if he did and he said " I think so ". Hehe sorry about that as we're both forgetful. Thats the reason why it took me few days to do this tag. Don't know where to start.

Alright, just a quick recap of what happened before we met. Jamie and I met Online thru this dating site called www.elitemate.com way back 2005.

One day, I received a spam message from this site telling me that if I sign up, i'll get a free full time membership. I am not really sure if I will sign up but I found myself encoding all the details needed to complete the form or maybe i'm also curious about it.

I'm 23 years old that time and doesn't experience to have a BF before. So I am 100% Single! Never been touched and never been kissed as they say. Few days later, I have receive loads of emails from different nationalities, Turkish, egyptian, indian, caucasian, american who are desperate to find someone in their lives. I've replied some of them but ignored most of them as they are too old for me. Since then I totally ignored all the messages from this elitemate. But one time, while im at the office and was really bored, I opened my email and found 1 message came from someone named Jamie1976. Hmmm.. I opened the mail and read the message. His message contains asking for friendship.I don't know why I replied him though. Maybe thats what they called intuition hehe

He dont know how to use yahoo messenger nor use the MSN. Just the email and this so called elitemate. I continue exchanging mails and pictures here and there. I taught him how to use the Yahoo messenger and ICQ and we just chat each other whenever I go online. He's always there sending me offline messages or waiting for me for a quick hi's and hello.

As months go by, he fell in love with me ( Hindi ako ha hehe ) and courted me. We became boyfriend girlfriend in a short period of time without even seeing each other. He started sending flowers monthly, cards and presents during my birthday.

at the giant ferrys wheel ...

Enchanted Kingdom Trip

Year 2006 - Few months before my birthday he said, " I want to visit you in the Philippines ". I got really scared and nervous. I told myself, I dont know this guy and I dont know what will I do when we met. Where will he stay and what will be his first impression to me. What if he doesn't like me and I dont like him? I was really stressed. But because I've delayed his plan of visiting me in the Philippines many times, I cant find any reason now. He booked a flight to the Philippines and was really decided to see me.

August 29, 2006 when I picked him at NAIA (His arrival date -- at naiihi ako sa kaba)... with my Tatay. hehehe We have agreed that he can only kiss me on my cheek. But when we finally met in flesh, after I gave him a bottle of mineral water and introduce my self and tatay he attempted kissing me. I got really nervous and was moving my face left and right. His lips landed on my lips .. Gosh! Tatay was really shock. Me as well, as that is my first kiss (Lol) in public place.. ( Patay ako kay tatay!)

shocks.. jamie is crying ..

He stayed at my apartment with my eldest brother. He met my parents, brothers and friends.We don't share bed of course but few days before he left I slept with him. We talked about his plan of getting me here in UK. But as soon as it became clear to me that he is leaving, I cried and he then started hugging and kissing me while crying. he t

hen said,

" This is the right time. he got the engagement ring and ask me, will you marry me? "

I said yes of course. Then he promise to do everything to get me and to go back as soon as possible. He's crying in NAIA while getting inside. 100_1731I don't look at him as I might burst into tears too. He said it was really emotional as My family and everyone was really good at him. ( Hospitable daw kasi tayong mga Pinoy) My adopted brother and Parents are also crying. But when I get back to Cabanatuan, that's when I started crying.. ( Sakit pala pag Parting time no?)


Well thats it! In less than a month after he gets back to UK, he came back for the second time to see me again and attended my brother's wedding.

I applied my VISA October 2007 and got approved November 6. I flew here December 23 just in time for White Christmas.

We had our civil wedding March 03, 2008 but planning and still saving for a simple church wedding in the Philippines. ( Di nman galante but I just want a formal wedding na kasama ko nman ang family ko. Josme! Nun kinasal kasi ako dito ako lang mag-isa. and its really sad. )

PS.. Wait for our love story as I'll be posting it here in time for our 1st Year Wedding Anniversary. :)


  1. wow naman, ang srap naman ng post mo eds..parang di kapani paniwala ano? imagine, in ignore mo na ang ibang guy pero itong si jamie e mukhang interesting ano?
    alam ko ang tawag dyan eds, soulmate yan..at mabuti na sa ganitong panahon e nagkakilala na kayo ng mas maaga pa dahil ang iba ay lubhang matagal pa bago nila makita ang isa't isa as soulmate..
    ganda ng story mo eds, buhay na buhay ang pagkakabigay mo ng kwento..
    o, sige at sana'y more years to come p para sa inyong pagsasama..

  2. wowo nauna ka sa comment kuya payatot. salamat sa pagbisita mo hehe.. Sabi nga nila eh long distance relationship, penpal at yang mga online dating don't work. Nabigao na rin ako sa online dating halam mo ba before I met Jamie pero binigyan ko nman ng chance un pangalawa eto kami ngayon mag-asawa na at sana nga more years to come pa sa amin .. :)

  3. Wow, pareho tayo ah. Yaw ko rin si Rodney non eh, lagi kong hinuhuling replayan. Hahah! ang buhay nga naman, di mo masasabi. Mabait kasi si Rodney nang makausap ko na sa phone, soft spoken, kaya nagustuahn ko na rin..

    Maraming relasyon na di nag wo work kapag long distance. or daming napapahamak sa mga online dating, but, meron din namang succesful stories like yours. Iba iba kasi ang kapalaran ng tao eh, it just happened na he is your destiny to marry..Oh di ba? We are both lucky in love and marriage...(totoo ba?)

  4. oo nman.. at first talagang hesitant ako kasi nga malay ko kung maniac pala o killer eh di sayang nman ang beauty ko. Pero when I get here, parang hindi na lang siya ang minahal kundi pati family niya at lahat ng weakness at negative diba.. kelangan eh kundi ko gagawin yun parang sumuko na rin ako at hinayaang masira ang marriage ...

    Ah si kuya rodney soft spoken sa phone? si jamie ng una kong makausap puro hinga lang narinig ko. kinakabahan daw kasi siya. kasi daw maganda ang boses ko sa phone hehehe... ako nman natakot sa boses niya masyado kasing malaki parang nanggagaling sa ilalim ng lupa hehehe.. pero sabi nga once in love wala kang pakikinggan kundi ang sinasabi ng puso awww!

  5. Others commented dahil di ma-access :

    dhemz: Wow naman sis...kinikiliti ako sa love story nyong dalawa....hehhehe! You guys are meant to be...kahit how many miles pa man ang pag uusapan...pag fate na yung nasa gitna..wala na talagang choice....

    dhemz: am very happy for you sis...you look gorgeous on your dress....thanks for sharing....:) Hahaha...buti nag appear na yung post mo...hehehe!

  6. Clarissa: Sabi ko sa comment ko: Pampakilig talaga entries ng mga friends ko!!\(^0^)/You are both destined to each other.Best wishes po!



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