13 Feb 2009

Should I stay or Should I go?

Few days ago I blog about our cat named Cleo. Like what I've said in the past post, she's in pain and limping with her front leg. After 2 days of observation, Jamie and I decided to bring her to the Veterinarian.  Jamie did bring her to the Vets with the help of our neighbour Andy. What happened next, the need to go for second appointment later in the afternoon as theres no Vets available in the nearest clinic in Cemaes. They came back and decided to wait in the house but its miraculous that Cleo is not showing signs of pain anymore. My hubby said Cleo was terrified while on their way to the Amlwch as thats the first time she ride on a car. her mouth is wide open from the house till they reach the clinic. And then when they've got the appointment and get back she go straight to her bowl and eat some bits of tuna. I told Jamie, Cats are really smart. She might be showing us she's ok so Jamie won't bring her again to the Clinic. The next thing we do is to cancel the appointment as we thought shes alright. Jamie hunt her on the stairs and she did ran fast as if she dont have a problem on her leg.


Cleo's Picture with right front leg swollen.. Huge !!

Earlier I woke up around 9:00 am and check Cleo if everything's fine. She did stand but something is definitely wrong with her again. I assume she'd be more alive today but its the opposite. What the!!!????? Her right back leg was also in pain? I put her at the top of the bed and observe if she can jump to the floor but she never did. He legs are shaky and then when I put her down near the stairs front and back leg are both limping.. Poor Cleo! This is really bad. I woke Jamie and told him about cleo's condition. It seems like there is some kind of infection scattering all over her body. Her leg was also huge! Twice as big as her normal leg. What is happening to Cleo? Is this her sign that she can't live longer? Jamie called the Vet after his cup of tea and book an appointment for poor Cleo. The assistant says the earliest appointment we can get is Monday. So it booked. We then go back to Cleo observing all her moves. But we can't help but feel pity on her. We don't know what she feels. But she's meowing like something's really bothering with her whenever we stroke disabled part. Jamie can't help but call the vet again as he is scared that Cleo can't make it till Monday. We have to get the appointment in Holyhead, 30-45 minutes away from Cemaes. The Vet says keep her warm and force her to eat. I am in-charge in feeding her. I'll get some pieces of tuna and put it on her mouth and she will eat like she was a human patient. Terrible! Terrible! One more thing that scares Jamie is, if in case she won't improve, its either we will leave Cleo in the clinic  or worst they will suggest Euthanasia to her as the last resort... Huaaahhhh!! We can't afford to loose Cleo! Euthanasia is not really a nice thing to end cat's life but we have to accept whatever the result is and the best thing to do. Hope she'll will get better tomorrow when they give her medecine.. I hope nothings really serious. This is a bad Pre-valentine present for her knowing that its also Friday the 13th today... Huhuhu! Cleo you'll be fine! Tatagan mo lang ang kapit ..


  1. Kawawa naman Cleo mo!! Get well soon!!

  2. She really is Clarissa.. We'll know later whats gonna happen to her.. Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. Eds, Cleo is 14 years old, sa human life eh i multiply mo sa 7. Sus, do you still want her to suffer? MInsan kapag masyado ng in pain ang animal, they were put to sleep. Ganyan ginagawa ng mga in laws ko sa kanilang mga aso, they choose to end the dog's life rather than seeing them suffer. But, it's still your choice. I do hope na gumaling pa siya (si Cleo) and live a healthy and normal life for the next 2-3 years maybe.

  4. hehe not really pero its hard din nman un euthanasia. kasi I myself have done that before.. sa tuta nman.. susme nakakaawa un tuta kasi un gamot hindi tumalab. nakaready na ba nman un libingan ayaw pa mamatay nun tuta. tapos magdamag umiiyak kasi nga meron na worms sa loob ng katawan ewwww! anyway cleo is fine now. sabi ni doc eh cguro daw nakipag-away so nakagat ng another cat un right leg kaya na-infect. still swollen pero she's back to normal na at kumakain na sia.. o di ba..



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