8 Mar 2009

Shopping Trip and Adobong Pusit Recipe Try-Out!

I was with my Pinay Neighbour yesterday to Bangor to buy some rice and just go round the shops to see some bargains. Me and Jamie ended up shopping inside the Pound shop and Debenhams. When we were inside, my goal is to find a medium sized sling bag that I can use for our Italy Vacation but we passed through these designers Men's Clothes and Accessories. I thought hey why don't he buy a pair of pants and shirt. But guess how many he just picked!

100_1922 100_1918

He got this new leather shoes, leather belt, designer's pants and a nice leather look jacket. They all look smart when Jamie tried it. Among my favourites are the Jacket and the pants lol.

We go straight to the cashier to pay for it. It says they are all 20% off but still worth 185 Pounds. And if you convert it to peso that's worth 12,600 pesos more or less. I wonder why Men's clothes and accessories are more expensive that girls. I dont remember paying this much for the things I want to buy except for the coat I've got from catalogue. All of them are worth 1 pound to 5 pounds. He rarely buy clothes though so its fair enough. Let's just say this is my Anniversary treat to him. But when we, are about to pay the items, We have been offered by the supervisor a credit card I can use to shop anywhere plus they will be giving another 10% off if I signed up. And will not pay for the item for a month without interest. Jamie thought its a good idea signing up rather than use the cashto pay for it. ( Baka daw kasi un mga damit at sapatos na binili namin para sa kanya ang aming kainin for 2 weeks lol) I go for it and I was approved easily.


After shopping we go to the Asian Market nearby to buy some rice for me. I wasn't sure when did I last eat rice. I just felt I'm more weaker than usual without rice. SO I asked Jamie If I can buy the 10 Kilos rice and he was laughing his head off. He said what made me decide to buy that big bag of rice. I told him, It cheaper and will last longer.

Anyway, I go round that asian market, got some skyflakes and ginger tea for me and to my I saw a box of frozen Calamares or Squid. Its worth 3.60 but drooling with the Idea of making  Adobong Pusit for my Dinner last night. So when I arrive, I go straight to check for the recipe online and started my cooking experiment. Above is the finish product of my experiment. ( Mukhang totoo no? Marunong din nman ako magluto kahit papano hehe ) Not bad ei? Well its yummy! I'm full to the brim! If you want to try this visit www.recipes.yooneek.info


  1. hi Eds, mukhang masarap ung Adobong Pusit, iba ung color niya, di ba kadalasan blackish? :) sige check ko ung link ng recipe na ginayahan mo pra magawa ko din. thanks! :)

  2. HI beth oo nga kasi inalis ko yung ink yung pusit. Try mo rin sia tapos pag niluto mo yung mejo tuyo ng konti na nagmantika na .. yum yum!

  3. Totoo ka, Men's clothings and accessories are way more expensive than Ladies. I guess that's the reason Ladies tend to shop and have a closet full of clothes that majority of it they don't even wear.
    Good thing you stopped by at the Asian store, you were able to get your pusit. I love pusit too, I might look for some when I go to the Asian store here.
    Have a good day to you. I was busy all day Saturday, my laptop was off all day and night..

  4. halo sis..andito din ako..wow shopping galore pala kayo...hheehe...san ang sayo?hehhe...anyhow,mukhang masarap yang pusit mo ah..hehe..ganon din ako...I take the ink out para di sya maiitim...pero minsan hindi...kasi masarap din pag may ink...hehhehe!

  5. Aha kaya nman pala.. Bising-bisi ka sa pag-go-goodwill at pagluluto ano hehe

  6. hi dhemz shopping para lang kay Habibi.. ako walang nabili kahit isa. Ah meron nman pala un bed throw tapos galing pa sa sarili kong pera haha.. ang daya ano? bakit kasi ganun kapag sa pagdedecorate ng bahay kahit sa sariling bulsa manggaling bibilhin natin .. ang mga mister walang pakialam ..

    About sa pusit nman ayoko talaga ng maitim. pag hindi mo kasi tinanggal parang un pusit eh nahuli sa pusali hehe.. kaya i prefer na alisin na lang para nman mas ganado kumain ..

  7. Ang sarap naman ng pusit mo!!kelan ba ako nakapag luto at nakakain ng pusit? ayaw kc ng mga seafoods mga alaga ko dito eh!!pero ako miss ko na!!!waaaa!!bigyan mo aketch!!!(T_T)

  8. Ate clarissa ayan amuy-amuyin mo n lang hehehe... sayang nman no? kahit ikaw lang kakain di ka pwede makaluto? or wala ka mabilhan ng pusit ? ako sinuerte lang eh hehe.. kaya sinamantala ko na na bumili kahit mahal..



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