28 Apr 2009

Ricky Hatton vs Manny Pacquiao Fight

Hatton-Pacman Fight

I’m not a fan of sports that involves punching and extreme fighting like boxing and UFC. But ever since I started watching Manny Pacquiao’s best fights against Barrera and Morales, I mean common! Who will ignore Manny Pacquiao nowadays? Even Hollywood actors and actresses likes him fights in the ring. Not only because he puts his heart on every fights but because he’s dedicating all of it to his fellowmen. Wow! I’m pretty sure it will be a smashing fight big time! Watching him do the footworks and punch before the bell rings makes me really nervous. I always want him to win. Even Habibi admire his dedication on his career. But this coming fight is a different story.


Ricky Hatton will be the next opponent of Manny Pacquiao. Hatton, being a famous British Boxer makes me and Habibi put a serious bets on them. I, of course on Pacquiao’s side while Habibi supports his British Boxer Hatton. I’d be shouting and cheering all the way to 12th round when the boxing starts hehehe. I just hope Pacquiao wins so I can still be proud of Habibi saying “ Sabi ko sau eh! Paquiao rules!” .


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I remember one day when Habibi told me about the post he read somewhere in the internet that Pacquiao told the media that Manchester ( That's the hometown of Hatton ) should be called Manny-chester. As there's around 200,000 Filipinos supporting Pacman. Even more supporters than Hatton lol. I don’t know if its true but i wish it is so we all can cheer Pacman and prayed for him to win again.


Actually, I will be betting on Pacman. I dont care about the money though, I just want to prove Habibi that Pacman will be a winner on this fight.. Though I think Manny will do his best on this fight, I know in my heart that Hatton is also aiming the same. The only way to find out is to watch their fight on May 2 – The Judgement Day!


Come to think what this fight can do to Philippines once again. Zero Crime rate. Where even criminals stop doing bad just to support Pacman. ( Geez! i just wish Pacman fights everyday lol) Imagine how can Pacman makes the Philippines so peaceful. Sabi nga ni Habibi, when he first watch Pacman’s fight,

“Having had the fortunate chance to visit the Philippines where I saw Manny Pacquiao fight Moralez live in a cinema - I am torn in loyalty. Manny Pacquiao is the spirit of a whole nation, the cinema I was in was overcrowded and every time Pacquiao knocked Moralez down the crowd burst into thorough joy - I seemed to be the only person sitting. When Pacquiao fights there is a zero crime rate. Even the Military and Rebels call a truce to watch the fight.”

But since he’s a British, I wont blame him supporting Hatton but will be happy neither of them wins this matchup. Well, well, well, if you are like me who’s looking forward to watch this fight then feel free to comment and support Pacman. This is the only way I can Support our Filipino boxer – Pacman Mabuhay ka!


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  1. kaisa mo ako tita eds na mananalangin na sana ay manalo si manny dahil nga pinoy sya pero di mo rin nga masisisi si habibi mo kung kay hatton sya dahil sa nasyon di ba? pero alam ko kaya ni manny yan

  2. korek ka jan kuya tot.. hay naku sana nga ay manalo si pacman. at magcecelebrate ako kahit nag-iisa ang beauty mo pag sia ay nanalo.. magpapapiging ako hehehe



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